The Importance of the Writing Center


When I began college, I didn’t know how much impact working at the Writing Center would have on me as an English major and, more importantly, as a writer. At the start of my freshmen year, the University Writing Center was only hosted in one location: Memorial Hall.


The University Writing Center has been around for quite some time. It’s founder was Dr. Henry A. Robertson. There is a plaque placed in the hallway where the original Writing Center is located.


Walking into the Writing Center, you come across the receptionists’ desk! Students walk up to the desk to check in for appointments. Information concerning upcoming workshops and events are also available for students.

photostory9Edited Students have a nice little waiting area where they sit to wait for their tutor after checking in at the receptionists’ desk.


The general tutoring area is spaced evenly so that tutors and their tutees will have enough privacy during their session to go over any assignments the student brings in.


Last semester, the Writing Center decided it was time to expand! Now, there are two writing centers. Where? Morris Library!


It’s a great location! Plus, there are more hours available for more students to come in and utilize the services provided.


Just like the Memorial Hall WC, this is the student waiting area. Very colorful!


Also, there is more room for tutors and tutees to spread out. And since this is the Multimedia Writing Center, there are screens at specific stations so that students can project their presentations (if they bring in a presentation).




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