JOUR311 Final Project

Why Studying Abroad In College Is Important?

By: Kayla Baptiste

The Institute of Global Studies Building.
The Institute of Global Studies Building.

During their time in college, students are encouraged to explore the world and gain experience from different cultures. Many students find that studying abroad is the best way for them to expand their knowledge and take courses at the same time. Whether students want to take a literature course in Rome or a fashion course in Paris, the Institute for Global Studies at UD offers various study abroad programs for students to travel while studying.


The IGS website offers easy navigation that allows students to find the programs that are a right fit for them.

They can study abroad in countries such as Italy, Spain, France and Australia through the University and the programs that they offer.

Lisa Ryan, a Sophomore Communication Interest major, speaks on why she would personally like to study abroad.

“I would like to study abroad because I think it would be interesting to experience another culture,” she says.

Daviya Wheeler, a Senior English major, speaks of wanting to experience the culture of Italy in her upcoming trip.

“I know it will be a culture shock,” she says.

But, nothing will stop her from being immersed in Italian culture.

Studying abroad permits students to experience and learn in a setting that differs from the lecture hall. Faculty members have the chance to engage their students through stimulating teaching styles to fostering new and changing perspectives.

Photo courtesy of Erica Prince.
Photo courtesy of Erica Prince.
Photo courtesy of Michael McCamley.
Photo courtesy of Michael McCamley.

For students who have already studied abroad during their college experience, the trip has widened their worldview so that they can interact with the world through fresh perspective.

Erica Prince, a Junior Public Policy major, and Dr. Michael McCamley, assistant professor of English, both who have experience with studying abroad, explains the positive impact of studying abroad for students.

Students return from these programs with a new perspective, a perspective that most likely couldn’t be taught in the classroom. While the opportunity may be great, many students find themselves hesitant to apply for these programs because of higher costs and fear.

In her particular case, Ryan says that going on a study abroad trip during her regular semesters won’t work for her schedule and going during the winter/summer sessions would be like another expense.

If she had a scholarship that could go towards the cost of study abroad, she would definitely study abroad she says.

Wheeler and Dr. Jessica Edwards, also an assistant professor of English, gave possible reasons as to why most students are reluctant to study aboard.

Wheeler mentions in the video that trips are often not feasible for students which contributes to the hesitation of applying.

Edwards spoke about what would most likely hold a student back citing reasons such as fear, finance and lack of knowledge on the trip itself.


IGS websites offers students information about funding for study abroad programs.
IGS websites offers students information about funding for study abroad programs.

Regardless of the setbacks, students should still have the opportunity to study abroad. The IGS website has a page that provides students with funding options and information. IGS also offers need-based scholarships and Delaware Diplomat scholarships to students to help with covering the costs of their trips.

There are multiple resources afforded to students through the IGS website and if they visit the IGS building, they can also talk to study abroad advisors.

On a positive note, Prince and McCamley offered up some words of encouragement for students considering studying abroad but are still doubtful of the possibility.

This photo is courtesy of Erica Prince.
Photo courtesy of Erica Prince.

Prince has studied abroad for a semester in London and will be studying in Lisbon in the Fall of 2016; the Lisbon program differs from her London trip because it is a cultural immersion exchange program.

She wanted to do something different, something where she could fully become a part of the culture and experience it through the point of view of the people she says.

Sometimes, as college students, taking chances are part of the journey of growing up and study abroad is one of those chances that most students won’t regret.